BKRK Award


“How values and traditions from the intangible Flemish cultural heritage inspire people today.”

The task associated with this contest concept consists of developing an object (an implement or utensil) that embodies authentic craftsmanship in its utility, mechanics, materials and sustainability.

Not only is the object linked – in the broadest sense – to the museological context, but the product must also be developed from an innovative and contemporary line of approach, with an adapted use or an adapted design, an economic feasibility (balanced production price/purchasing price/sale price) and an evolution of time and technique.

The object represents a unique specimen of innovative product development due to its form, its production/design process and its use of materials; in other words, it has a story with ‘roots’.

After the successful leather, ceramics and wood campaigns, it is now time for the craftsmanship of bread.  

More information about the leather, ceramic and wood contests


The word ‘bread’ makes you think of food, yet there are numerous other relevant products associated with bread that have a broad social context. Consider, for example, storage boxes, baking machines, packaging materials, toasters, etc.

So, we are hoping for the newest bread knives and boards, the most futuristic toasters, the most original baking machines and the most cheerful picnic bags.

* We have decided to exclude any and all types of food from the contest, since we already have our own BKRK bread, developed by De Superette Bokrijk.


  • Create a product with a story/vision
  • Develop a unique, innovative and contemporary object with a practical function, something that immediately distinguishes you from an artist. A link with daily life is recommended.
  • The product must be marketable; in other words, the product must be able to be produced and sold.
  • The object will be evaluated on the following criteria:
    originality (20%), relevance (20%), story/inspiration (20%), cost-consciousness (20%) feasibility (20%)


All candidates must use the form below to register to participate in the contest no later than 21/11/2107. (See contest terms and conditions below.)

In the first round, the jury will nominate a selection of the submissions. The nominees, a selection of 10 candidates, may individually present their designs in the second round to the jury, under the direction Sarah Lemke and  Bart Lens.  (*Candidates will be notified of the date and time of the presentation after the first selection round.)

The laureates will be announced during the press conference – held in conjunction with the Bread Study Day – in the spring of 2018. At this event, the BKRK Award will also be presented, and the BKRK magazine, Brood, will be introduced.

* Participants may submit more than one design, but must complete a separate registration form for each object entered.

* Feedback will be given following the award presentation, upon request. 


  • All nominees will be mentioned in the BKRK magazine Brood.
  • The winner will receive the BKRK Award.
  • The top 5 nominees will receive a cash prize of €750 (1st) and €250 (2nd through 5th), respectively (excl. VAT).
  • The winner will also have the opportunity to participate in a group training/bootcamp which will be organised by the newly launched VAKlab. The group training will inform, motivate and educate/train some 10 craftspeople to start up businesses as entrepreneurs or to become even better entrepreneurs. The focus in this training will also lie on cross-sectoral cooperation and on new forms of entrepreneurship.
    VAKlab acts as a craftsmanship hub and is a platform where craftspeople, entrepreneurs, companies and knowledge entities can meet and strengthen one another. It forms a bridge between tradition and renewal, it strives for quality (before quantity) and it approaches the craftspeople in the same way they approach their creations: with purity, honesty and authenticity. Craftspeople can come to VAKlab for support, advice and personal coaching.
  • Top 5: These designers (and their products) will appear in all Communications published by Bokrijk: press releases, the BKRK magazine, online communications (Facebook, websites, Instagram) and will have the opportunity to appear at demonstrations during Bokrijk Days, in exhibitions and in pop-up shops in Bokrijk.


Participation means that you accept the contest terms and conditions.


  • A physical/tangible prototype must be present for the judging
  • Your registration is only valid if the following documents have also been submitted:
    • CV
    • Photo of prototype + name of product
    • Substantive story (How did Bokrijk inspire you? Why is this innovative?) (max. 2 A4s)
    • Price calculation (cost price, Bokrijk purchase price, proposed sale price) (max. 2 A4s)
    • Production process (Which materials, what is needed, how to produce, is there already a manufacturer, how long is the process, etc.?) (max. 2 A4s)


  • The design may not already be on the market.
  • The design must have a practical function.
  • The design must be marketable; in other words, it must be able to be produced and sold. A clear description of the materials used and the production processes is expected for each entry.
  • The participant guarantees that his/her design is his/her own unique creation and that it does not infringe upon the rights of any third parties.


  • The intellectual property of the design belongs to the designer.
  • Bokrijk has the intention, but not the obligation, to produce one or more of the designs and to include them for an indeterminate period of time in its collection under the form of an exclusive licence or by purchasing the design. Bokrijk has the privilege of being the first to take an exclusive licence on the design. This privilege lapses one calendar year after the prize has been awarded. In consultation with the designer, the design may be adapted in function of its commercialisation. 
  • The designer also has the opportunity to produce the design him/herself. This must occur within one year of the prize being awarded, and Bokrijk has the opportunity to purchase the design directly from the designer, exclusively for a period of one year. 
  • The design may not be published, offered for sale or made public in any way before the prizes have been awarded.

Other conditions

  • The laureates are expected to include Bokrijk in their communications regarding the product.

Please note that all the above documents must be submitted at the time of registration. If not all documents are received, registration is not valid. All documents combined may not exceed 100 MB in size.