Artists' images

Bokrijk is all about yesterday and today. But it goes above and beyond that. It is also about tomorrow, and even the day after that...

In 2016, four artists started work on the presentation ‘een Bokrijk in verandering’ (a Bokrijk undergoing change). The works below are by Luc Schuiten, Sanny Winters, Filip Dujardin and Kamagurka. 

Bokrijk builds on its future

Art and architecture photographer Filip Dujardin (1971) took Bokrijk’s heritage as a foundation for creating a new structure that embodies both Bokrijk’s past and future.

“In this project, I used the wooden skeleton as a universal - and still relevant - construction method to make a tower volume, with the lines of that framework defining the graphic and the relief. Within this tower, there is an evolution in abstraction from the bottom to the top. At the bottom, there are literal references to the buildings in Bokrijk, and the piece proceeds through purified volumes to end in an open structure, as if the tower is waiting for completion. That openness refers to the transition that Bokrijk is currently undergoing.”

Bokrijk inspires

Kamagurka (1956), cartoonist, theatre and television maker and all round artist, sees in Bokrijk a museum that is contemporary, small but simultaneously international and, above all, inspiring.

“Bokrijk invests in craftsmanship. As a manual and creative worker, I find it great to create my drawings by hand. For my image, I was literally affected by an old photo that hung in a small house at Bokrijk. A man with black rib-cord trousers, a waistcoat and one of those typical caps. At home, I thought: “Wow! That guy is fashionably dressed.” I thought it was pure Armani. If you wear the same trousers for long time, they will be hip again eventually. And clogs did not escape a topical coat. I wanted to show that Bokrijk is not just old, but that it primarily inspires us to create new things. That illustrates perfectly the timelessness that Bokrijk stands for.”

Bokrijk is awakening

Luc Schuiten (1944) can be described as a “visionary architect” or “utopian thinker”. As our fourth artist, he is making a start on Bokrijk's future. He depicts a sustainable Bokrijk of tomorrow, based on the past.

“The old Bokrijk and the future-vision of the Open-Air Museum, each take a side of a cylindrically formed surface. As a result, the evolution of the past to the future seems to be moving in one movement but still illustrates the temporality, the present as a concept for the day and the future as a concept for the night. Day and night, which together form the landscape, but at the same time are very far apart, both have a place on the cylindrical surface. I chose a bundle of curved lines and the curvature of space and time to express this spatial-temporal meeting of this universe. I chose this graphical method because it suggests the dynamics perfectly, in addition to the fact that it gives the impression that the two periods of the same landscape meet each other at high speed. The design can be presented in four directions, depending on the vision you wish to establish. It's interesting to see that a different direction, makes you see things differently, while pointing towards another aspect of Bokrijk's vision.”