The organization

Bokrijk is a provincial estate covering 550 hectares, which has more than 1 million visitors annually, 250 direct employees, a wide variety of monumental heritage, unspoilt natural vegetation and countless recreational opportunities. It is a non-detached whole with the Open-Air Museum as a beating heart, the arboretum and the numerous bicycle and hiking trails acting as a green lung and the outdoor playground as an oasis for children’s fun.

The Museum is run by non-profit organization Het Domein Bokrijk. The organization does not want to be an enclave in Limburg, Flanders or the world in general, but wants to engage in partnerships. The atypical character of Bokrijk with a combination of monumental heritage, culture, nature and tourism makes this organization a unique partner with collaborations across different disciplines. The partners are located within and outside the heritage and cultural sectors as well as in tourism, design, creative economy, education, nature, etc. Collaborating with them takes all forms and has one goal, to support each other through bringing in and sharing each partner's know-how and expertise to collaborate on developing vision, projects and so much more.  Cross-border partnerships also play a central role. Bokrijk works as much as possible at local, national and international levels. The province of Limburg and the Flemish government are therefore closely linked to Bokrijk's current and future projects.

As a high performance and professional organization, and with the support of the members of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, Bokrijk wants to perform its ambitious goals in an inspiring and sustainable manner during the coming years.