With An Open View To The Future

Naturally, Bokrijk is about both yesterday and today. But, above and beyond that, we believe that it can also be about tomorrow and even the day after that... Today, Bokrijk serves more than 1 million visitors annually, has 250 direct employees and 550 hectares with great variety, including monumental heritage, unspoilt natural vegetation and countless recreational opportunities.

But is there more?

Our dream is a Bokrijk where each of us makes his or her individual piece of history right here and now. And that should still be the case 2065! We dream of a Bokrijk as a trend-setting and cherished place in Genk, Limburg, Flanders and the world. A place with respect for the previous generations, while being contemporary today, and hopefully even visionary for the young people of tomorrow. And that is why we have the ambition to give Bokrijk the glory it deserves, because Bokrijk is relevant and can remain so, even though it has been running for many years.

We are convinced that Bokrijk should be open to all: With open gates, Bokrijk connects with the world, the worlds of business, heritage institutions, schools, policy partners, colleagues, administrations, nature organizations and tourism partners, with whom we make Bokrijk what it is. Conservation is pointless if expertise, knowledge and instructions are not transferred. But pure transference is meaningless, as it cannot contribute to fulfilling the needs of others. Bokrijk stands for creation through cooperation, with an open mind for innovation. The Bokrijk DNA stands for meeting, discovery and relaxation with respect for authenticity and purity while remaining inspired by innovation and vibrant activity. Bokrijk is a laboratory where visions are created and performed.

Bokrijk is also an open world, and our opening hours allow us to welcome our visitors 365 days a year, both in the virtual world and on-site. Bokrijk’s unique monuments could be both shown and used better. And that does not only mean on the ​​550 hectare estate, but also in the digital world. Bokrijk is a world wide web. The buildings will not only get museum exposure but will also be completed in contemporary ways, e.g. as a place to stay, a hotel room, a workshop, a workplace for artists in residence, etc. Bokrijk’s principles demand a vibrant and lively place.

And starting from that point of view allows us to dare to think further in Bokrijk today. And thus, we can make further history ourselves. And we want to do that today and at least through the next decade, because Bokrijk will always survive and remain relevant, contemporary and individual. We will be happy to have you with us on that journey. Cooperative creativity with open mind for Bokrijk as a living place. Bokrijk as an understanding.

What if…? Imagine, think and work easily with us, based on this manifesto.

Read the manifesto

On behalf of all the employees of Bokrijk,

Liesbeth Kees
Director of the non-profit organization Het Domein Bokrijk
Igor Philtjens
Chairperson of Het Domein Bokrijk
Deputy of Culture, Heritage and Tourism