The Future Starts Now

We have passed the hurdles. Through the course of time, Bokrijk has become synonymous with a settled past, which is the opposite sentiment to action and evolution. However, this stereotypical image of Bokrijk has not been the right one for quite a while now.

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Bokrijk is more about ‘now’ and is currently in full swing. The proof lays in a number of remarkable initiatives that we have witnessed in recent months and years. Museum projects such as ‘The sixties’, ‘The Barn from Oorderen’, the focus on craftsmanship with Branded by Bokrijk (BKRK) and a surprising Bruegel Association (still under construction) are all examples of how Bokrijk reminds itself of its role as a museum. The same dynamics are also readable in the numerous workshops, master classes and working visits that have taken place in and around Bokrijk in the last few years.

More than ever before, Bokrijk wants expressly to create meaningful links from today to both yesterday and tomorrow. Bokrijk does not want to be a sterile environment, but a place where the real and unexpurgated form part of an all-encompassing story.

For some time now, Bokrijk has avoided presenting itself as solely a museum that retains and unveils heritage of the past, and is increasingly transforming into a social laboratory where new connections to this heritage are laid and forged, where past and future come together where micro and macro meet each other and where cross-pollination takes place between within and without, here and elsewhere, we and them. Bokrijk aims to let people look at ‘reality’ in a different way, a reality and a world undergoing change. And that is just like Bokrijk itself.

To that end, we use a set of fifteen ambitions that we present factually on the following pages. They are so fixed in our ideas and actions that they do not feel new to us. The new thing is that we will now set them out formally, and they will gradually become clear to all. These ambitions for Bokrijk have already been partially realized or implemented, others are effective but yet unfinished ambitions, partly very real and partly still dreams. If, during the next few years, we succeed in creating inspiration and sustainability within the entire Bokrijk team and our partners, we are convinced that we will create a Bokrijk that is also internationally recognized and that everyone can recognize. In any case, we look forward with great pleasure to working with everyone who works at or with Bokrijk and those who visits us, to bring about development of this new chapter in the evolution of Bokrijk's meaning, direction and form!

Discover our fifteen ambitions here.

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On behalf of all the employees of Bokrijk